Group lessons are held online with 4-6 participants

The classes are held twice a week with 90 mins each class.
We suggest:


  • Beginners Level – The course lasts 3 months
  • Elementary Level – the course lasts 3 months
  • Intermediate Level – the course lasts 4 months
  • Advanced Level – The course lasts 4 months

We suggest a special study program plan designed by our teachers. It contains

Reading – Development of correct and fluent reading and comprehension skills as well as vocabulary learning and enrichment.
Writing – Formal and day to day texts writing skills which are correct both grammatically and stylistically.Usage of learnt vocabulary.
Listening – Academic and informal spoken language perception, development of passive vocabulary.
Speaking – Correct construction of sentences in oral language use, free participation in dialogues and group discussions, fluent speech skills.

All the study materials are sent for free.

The schedule of Group lessons is discussed with the group members. We try to choose the optimal time suitable for all participants.

If you want to ask us any questions please e-mail us on or leave your message below and we will answer all your questions with pleasure.