Master TOEFL Writing quick and effective!

Students throwing graduation hats

Gain skills and knowledge needed to achieve success in TOEFL Writing section Online with us!

We will go through all the skills needed as well as the necessary vocabulary. We will have real time essay writing with instant check and feedback. By the end of the course the students will know in details Essay writing skills, TOEFL writing section question types and ways to complete this section successfully and get the highest marks.

The course will be held from 6 – 24 April, 2016. Continue reading Master TOEFL Writing quick and effective!

Online lessons: is it worth a try?


In the Information Age we face the changes in every single sphere of our lives. Nowadays it is not a wonder that we can study and even get our university degrees Online. Some people see it as external and inefficient way of getting a degree and/or education. However the experience of last several years shows that online lessons are quite efficient and have a great number of advantages! Probably the best of them is the “time-saving”. Just imagine you are sitting in front of your computer, with a cup of warm coffee and watching the professor’s lecture without leaving your house. Moreover, you get the recordings of all your lectures and can watch and hear them whenever you want. Doesn’t it seem even more effective than offline education?

Now let’s leave alone getting a university degree and move on how comfortable the online Language courses can be. Continue reading Online lessons: is it worth a try?