Online lessons: is it worth a try?


In the Information Age we face the changes in every single sphere of our lives. Nowadays it is not a wonder that we can study and even get our university degrees Online. Some people see it as external and inefficient way of getting a degree and/or education. However the experience of last several years shows that online lessons are quite efficient and have a great number of advantages! Probably the best of them is the “time-saving”. Just imagine you are sitting in front of your computer, with a cup of warm coffee and watching the professor’s lecture without leaving your house. Moreover, you get the recordings of all your lectures and can watch and hear them whenever you want. Doesn’t it seem even more effective than offline education?

Now let’s leave alone getting a university degree and move on how comfortable the online Language courses can be. Continue reading Online lessons: is it worth a try?

I hate the New Year – Հեղինե Ոսկանյան


Cold morning, frozen windows, very pale sunlight is knocking lazily and trying its best to wake you up…     The last day of the year!! So many things to do, it is probably the longest day throughout the whole year and you hate it! Today is the day when you have to become a guru of cooking and the magician of table laying. You have to be in high spirits and smile even though you are so lazy to even get out of your warm bed and throw yourself into the crazy routine. This is a hell-you think. But there isn’t much you can actually do.

So you get up, sit in your bed look at your soft still-warm pillow realizing you are not going to see it soon… Continue reading I hate the New Year – Հեղինե Ոսկանյան

Ահա՛, թե ինչպես են անցնում մեր դասերը


Բոլոր դասերը մեր նախագծի շրջանակներում անցկացվում են ՕՆԼԱՅՆ

Նշված դասի ժամին Դուք մտնում եք օնլայն դասարան, որտեղ կարող եք խոսել, քննարկել և ամեն կերպ ակտիվ մասնակիցել դասին:

Ինչպե՞ս են տարբերվում մեր դասերը՝

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Such luxury as hope – Creative writing


                      Such luxury as hope

She woke up. The day was going to be long and it was just 6 am.  She sat in her bed and opened her eyes lazily, Looked out of the window: No sun. This winter was killing her; she looked for some other colors, some other hues, some warmth instead of Continue reading Such luxury as hope – Creative writing

2. Whose dreams?


    Apart from being useful and challenging using a language can be also a creative way of expressing your ideas.

                                    Whose dream?


It’s a beautiful sunrise, open your eyes… let’s dance and jump and be crazy sometimes. It’s a beautiful sunrise and you should also rise and open your eyes…

It’s a beautiful life to live and be happy! So many beautiful things constantly happen, you just got to be awake, open up your eyes, and you just got to see it yourself!! Continue reading 2. Whose dreams?

1. The Purple Forest


    Dear readers, I’ve started this tale as I promised my friend Jaded to write about our imaginary world. So I had this idea in my mind for quite a long time and now I finally wrote these thoughts and ideas down. So I hope you will enjoy reading it  :)


                                        The Guard 

    She was watching the red Sun hiding behind the purple skies; slowly and soft, laying its way through the vanilla clouds shining and teasing with beauty and warmth; paradise just like home…  The day was coming to the end. Continue reading 1. The Purple Forest



Some friends come into our lives for just a short time. Others come and stay forever. Think about your closest friends. How long have you known each other?

Some people say that their spouse or family member is their best friend. Others say they have known their closest friends for many years. And some great friends haven’t known each other all that long, but Continue reading Friendship

Test It, Fix It: English Grammar անգլերեն լեզվի դասագիրքը Pre-intermediate մակարդակի համար


Ներբեռնեք  Test It, Fix It: English Grammar անգլերեն լեզվի դասագիրքը Pre-intermediate մակարդակի համար անվճար: Continue reading Test It, Fix It: English Grammar անգլերեն լեզվի դասագիրքը Pre-intermediate մակարդակի համար