We are glad to introduce you our team!

 Helen Voskanyan                Marina Khachatryan                    Alina Navasardyan

Several years we were fascinated with the project’s idea. All of us worked for different international online schools moving towards the idea of having this possibility in Armenia. Online education has proven many times being efficient and up to date and we believe that it will open doors to truly effective and time saving education.

November 2nd 2015 we decided that we were ready to turn our ideas into life.cropped-jpeg.jpg

We created our website and Facebook page and were very happy to see that our friends were also excited with this idea and eagerly supported us.

From the very start we wanted to create not only an online language center but also an online platform where participants could study by themselves, ask questions and communicate with people who have the same interests.

For this purpose our YouTube channel was created, where you can already watch helpful videos on various topics.

Thus, we are happy to share with you “Enlight” project’s goals. They are :

  • Provide high quality education saving your time and money.
  • Create an Online platform for English language learners
  • Provide free videos and online lessons with interesting and up to date information.
  • Provide useful Information about TOEFL/IELTS tests preparation and studying abroad.

If you have questions please e-mail us on elp.enlight@gmail.com and we will answer all your questions with pleasure.